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Pet Sitters:

Binks-Logo-RGB copyPet Sitters International Bonding and Liability Insurance Program.

Binks is proud to be the exclusive Insurance Broker for the Canadian Members of Pet Sitters International. We are pleased to administer a comprehensive insurance program tailored to the specialized needs of Pet Sitters.
Protection Against Liability Claims
As a Pet Sitter, you face situations on a daily basis where you are open to lawsuits. You could be held responsible for damage to other people’s property, including their pets. Lawsuits are expensive and unpleasant. Defence costs can be excessive. Many claims are frivolous in nature, however once brought forward these must be defended. If the claim against you is decided to have merit, judgments can be devastating to your business, as well as to your personal assets. To help you get the protection you need, Binks Insurance Brokers and Pet Sitters International offer a specialized Liability Protection Policy. The policy was designed to take the hassle out of finding reliable coverage for your pet sitting business. Best of all, buying coverage endorsed by PSI means affordable group rates.

Protection Against Dishonesty

The policy also includes coverage for Third-Party Bonding, guaranteeing to your clients that their belongings are safe in your hands. This brochure explains the general purpose of the insurance described, but in no way changes or affects the coverage afforded under the policy. For a full description of the policy provisions, refer to your certificate of coverage and the master policy.

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Pet Sitters FAQs

Q. Who is eligible for this plan?

A. All Canadian members of Pet Sitters International

Q. What liability limits are available?

A. Two Million ($2,000,000) Dollars. This is the only general liability limit available. Lower limits are not available. This is because coverage is provided on a group policy.

Q. What does the policy cover?

A. All of your operations. Other standard Policy coverages, as outlined on the brochure; plus two added coverage endorsements designed exclusively for PSI: Coverage for property, including pets, in your Care, Custody or Control; and Lost Key Coverage

Q. What is Care, Custody and Control?

A. Standard liability policies EXCLUDE coverage for damage to property in your care, custody or control. This means that ANY property, including a pet that is physically within your care, would be excluded from coverage under a normal policy should that property be damaged or destroyed, due to your negligence. Coverage is INCLUDED in the PSI Plan.

Q. What is Lost Key coverage?

A. If you or any person acting on your behalf loses a client’s key, this pays for re-keying the locks or installing new locks up to $500.

Q. Are independent contractors covered?

A. Yes, you are covered for the negligence of employees, independent contractors, or any one else acting on your behalf.

Q. Doesn’t my Standard Liability Policy or my Business Owners Policy cover these things?

A. NO. These policies DO NOT cover you for pets or property in your care, custody and control. They DO NOT cover you for lost keys.

Q. Can I purchase this policy from my local broker?

A. NO. This is a group program only available to PSI members through Binks Insurance. Please contact PSI for a membership application.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact Kimberley Forget at 613-226-1350