Commercial Insurance

Peace of mind in the ever-changing world of commercial insurance

Peace of mind is an elusive state for business owners and senior managers, but one that we deliver to our clients when it comes to the area of commercial insurance.

Binks Insurance started at a time when the lumber barons were shaping the local economy. Today our experience and expert advice in commercial insurance is called upon by virtually every sector of Ottawa’s business community.

Regardless of the size, age or specific needs of your business, Binks brings unique and wide-ranging perspectives and experience to protecting your valuable investments. Our Commercial Insurance group are experts (as you would expect) in business insurance but also in the ever-changing needs, demands and requirements of business in general.


BINKS Commercial Insurance will work with you:

  1. To provide your company with a strategic RiskPlan™which will focus on managing and dealing with your risk exposures. Not only will a
    RiskPlan™  reduce your total cost of risk, it can positively impact your profits.
  2. To make your company more attractive to the insurance marketplace. This results in you being placed with the best possible insurance company at the best possible terms.


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