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The OAFB Group Insurance Programs

Binks-Logo-RGB copyBinks is proud to be the exclusive Insurance Broker for the members of the Ontario Association of Food Banks (OAFB). We are pleased to be appointed by the OAFB to administer the insurance program tailored to meet the specialized needs of Food Banks and their associated agencies.

Binks Insurance Brokers and the OAFB have been working together to help you get the protection you need at a reasonable price. These insurance policies are designed to take the hassle out of finding reliable coverage for you and your agency food banks. Best of all, buying coverage endorsed by the OAFB means affordable group rates.

The OAFB Group Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance Program

As a Director or Officer of a non-profit association such as a Food Bank, you face personal liability for your actions (or non-actions) in carrying out your duties.

Many non-profit associations carry D&O Liability Coverage to protect their board members from losing their personal assets and savings in the case of an expensive and unpleasant lawsuit.

Defence costs can be excessive. Claims can be frivolous in nature, however once brought forward these must be defended. If the claim against you is decided to have merit, judgements can be devastating to the organization, as well as to your own personal savings and assets.

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We are pleased to offer a package policy which provides exceptional coverage at extremely affordable prices.

Many OAFB members are already enjoying the low rates and excellent coverage of our Group Property and General Liability Insurance program.

If you are interested in the OAFB Property and General Liability Insurance Group Plan, click on the following links:

For our full program brochure describing both the OAFB D&O Liability Group Plan and the OAFB Property and General Liability Insurance Group Plan, please click the following link:

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