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Harry Binks, B.Comm., M.B.A., C.I.P., C.C.I.B., C.R.M., President & CEO See Profile

Allison Binks, R.I.B.(Ont.), Office Manager/Commercial Account Manager  See Profile

Account Executives

Claude Miron, C.A.I.B., Vice-President See Profile

G. Ward Strickland, B.A., C.I.P., C.C.I.B., E.P.C., Senior Account Director See Profile

Steve Levinson, R.I.B.(Ont.), President (Binks Financial) See Profile

Commercial Account Managers

Geoffrey H. Binks, C.A.I.B., C.C.I.B., Vice-President Commercial See Profile

Kim Lidbetter, R.I.B.(Ont.) See Profile

Kris Bangs, C.I.P., R.I.B.(Ont.) See Profile

Shelley Sawyer, R.I.B.(Ont.) See Profile

Commercial Account Administrators

Kimberly Forget, R.I.B.(Ont.) See Profile