Your Peace of Mind is Our Policy

At Binks we go well beyond simply providing commercial insurance quotes and policies. Our simple and unwavering goal is to give businesses and not-for-profit organizations peace of mind.

With an experienced team of commercial insurance experts, we work closely with business owners, executives, entrepreneurs, managers and directors. We help people understand, address and manage the organizational risks and commercial insurance challenges that all too often keep them up at night.

Our Singular Focus Is Commercial Insurance.

At Binks we have made a conscious business decision to focus on commercial insurance only. We believe that the ever-changing landscape of risk management and commercial insurance requires a greater depth of skills, knowledge, service and expertise – the very same hallmarks that Binks has been known for, for decades.

Our People Are The Most Valuable Part of Every Policy.

It is the people behind the policy that make the biggest difference in commercial insurance. People like the commercial insurance experts at Binks. Our responsive and knowledgeable people go above and beyond to understand your concerns, help you to recognize and reduce risk and ensure that you have the kind of insurance protection that gives you peace of mind.

We Help Our Clients Reduce Risk and Improve Bottom Line Results.

We take a structured and strategic view of the many risk management areas that can affect both the availability and cost of commercial insurance for businesses and organizations. Our RiskPlanTM process helps clarify, identify and address a wide range of risk factors that can have a direct impact on the cost of insurance coverage and ultimately financial performance.

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